On September 15, 2020, Bureau of Public Works held the handover ceremony for the new street sweeper, wood chipper, cardboard baler and road maintenance tools (worth up to approx. 464 thousand dollars) provided through Japan’s grant aid. The ceremony was attended by Honorable Charles Obichang, Minister of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce, and Ambassador Karasawa as well as management and staff of the Bureau of Public Works.
This grant aid is one of the schemes under “the Economic and Social Development Programme in fiscal year 2016” of up to 200 million yen, signed in October 2017.
Minister Obichang opened the ceremony, stating in his remarks that Japan continues to support Palau even during the hard time of pandemic and he cannot be thankful enough for Japan’s generosity over the years. He also emphasized that Palau has developed a lot thanks to the assistances from Japan and the equipments presented in the ceremony would be a tremendous help not only for the Bureau of Public Works but for all the people in Palau.
Ambassador Karasawa, in his remarks, outlined the products and said his expectation for the future development of Palau using those products. In addition, he delivered his hope that those products would be maintained with a lot of care so that they would be used for years to come.

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