On January 27, the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) welcomed 16 members of Heirs to Our Ocean to learn how researchers at the Center conduct surveys and monitor Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).  Long-term monitoring of Palau’s MPAs is one of the main programs at PICRC.

As part of PICRC’s newly developed School Program, the lesson included a briefing on MPAs and their significance, followed by a research mock-up where students were able to survey an MPA, alongside its reference site, throughout the years. After the simulation, students analyzed and interpreted data, finishing the lesson with a conclusion where they gave recommendations to state governments for a better management of the MPA.  

“The lesson required a great deal of critical thinking and the students did a fantastic job at interpreting data. We hope that with these types of activities, we are able to forge the next generation of researchers” stated PICRC CEO, Yimnang Golbuu.   “PICRC’s new School Program aims to bring science to life for the student of Palau.  The lessons are designed so that the students are fully engaged.  We want to show that science is not just something you learn from the book, but that it is something you learn by doing.”

Heirs to Our Ocean is an international organization that aims to teach communities about human impact on our oceans and watersheds. With the help of local advisors, Palauan students get to interact with their environment with a focus on conservation.

For more information about PICRC’s School Program, please contact Ines Kintoki at 488-6950.

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