By: L.N. Reklai

(Koror, Palau) The highest ranking Chief of Koror State Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons sued Koror State’s Governor Yositaka Adachi yesterday, December 19, 2016, for ousting him and the Koror House of Traditional Leaders (HOTL) from their office at the new Koror State Capital Complex building in Ngerbeched, Koror.


Filing a suit on behalf of himself and the House of Traditional Leaders (HOTL) of Koror State, Gibbons alleges that Governor Adachi has violated both the Palau Constitution and Koror State Constitution by taking actions to deny and prohibit them  from performing their stated roles and functions as traditional leaders under both constitutions.

In the motion for declaratory relief and injunction, High Chief Ibedul alleges that upon taking office, Governor Adachi  eliminated the designated parking space at the new Koror State Capital Complex which was designated for High Chief Ibedul of Koror State.

He further alleged that shortly after that, Governor Adachi “kicked out” the HOTL executive Director Herman Ebibalio Ngiraidong.  He also cut off the phone and the internet to the Office of the HOTL located in the Koror State Capital Complex.

In the suit, it alleges that Adachi claimed that they needed space due to shortage of space and that HOTL had abandoned the office.  According to the plaintiff Ibedul and HOTL, they responded that still needed the space.

According to suit, Governor Adachi had the office locks changed and moved staff into the office of the HOTL.

Furthermore, Chief Ibedul asserts that Governor Adachi had violated Article IV, Section 2 and Article VI Section 1 and 2 of the Koror State Constitution.

Claiming that Article IV and VI makes HOTL an integral part of Koror State Government system and that actions taken to oust them from their office and prohibit access to resources needed to perform their roles and functions, violates Koror State Constitution.

The suit requests the court to declare that HOTL is an integral part of Koror State government system, and declare Governor Adachi’s actions as unconstitutional.  It further asks the court to have Governor remove employees occupying the space for HOTL and restore all services within the office and return the office to the HOTL. [/restrict]