High Chief Reklai with OEK members and the Minister of Justice

The beleaguered Ministry of Justice, facing accusations of police misconduct, cover-ups and internal turmoil, gets the support of High Chief Reklai Raphael Bao Ngirmang, a strong advocate and supporter of the Ministry of Justice and public safety.

Chief Reklai, a strong supporter and advocate for the 28th Police Academy, had spent hours with the cadets to instill a sense of integrity, morality, and confidence in their primary responsibilities to protect and safeguard the lives and properties of the people of Palau.

It is part of Chief Reklai and Rubekul Belau’s concerted efforts to build public trust in the Bureau of Public Safety.

Chief Reklai Raphael Bao Ngirmang invited Delegate Kemesong, Chairman of the HOD Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Affairs (JGA), and Senator Jonathan Isechal, chairman of Senate JGA, to meet Vice President and Minister of Justice Uduch Sengebau-Senior and Director Ismael Aguon. Vice Chairperson of the JGA committee & Floor leader of the Senate, Senator Eldebechel, appeared on behalf of Senator Isechal, who could not attend the meeting.

The meeting presented an opportunity for the members of OEK to question the Ministry of Justice on its outreach programs, patrol & surveillance issues, and community engagement with the Bureau of Public Safety. 

Vice President Senior expressed appreciation and gratitude to High Chief Reklai for organizing the meeting with the respective leaders of the JGA committees of the OEK. She said she hoped the meeting would be a regular occurrence so that the work of the Ministry of Justice would improve as a result of constructive input from the congressmen.

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