Two videos of Palau High School students fighting posted on social media drew the Senators’ attention, prompting a letter from the Senate demanding to know what measures are being taken to protect students in school.  Both incidents occurred on January 25th.

In the video of the fight that took place at Palau High School campus, a 9th allegedly stabbed a 10th grader with scissors, and the student had to be taken to the hospital.  In the other video, the fighting incident involved two 11th graders and a 9th grader fighting the during the morning traffic on the road.

In a letter from Senator Andrew Tabelual, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, he asked Minister Dale Jenkins of Education what preventive measures have Ministry of Education put in place since the beginning of the school year with students, teachers, parents and principals to ensure the safety and well-being of the students.

These were not the first incidents of student violence.  Last year, incidents were recorded on video of a kid beating another kid on the school bus and another in a classroom.  Both incidents were recorded and spread via social media, garnering public outcry.

Responding to the inquiries, Minister Jenkins said they are “in the process of revising …school disciplinary to include more detail on how students are allowed to return to school after a suspension to enable a more wholesome return to school and ensure the safety of students.”

Minister Jenkins said that prior to the incidents in September of last year, he had requested that a police officer be assigned to the school.  He followed up with the Minister of Justice, who assured him he would be there on January 26th.  He said, unfortunately, both incidents happened on January 25th.

Additional solutions include a complete review of Palau High School’s structure to see how it can be improved to provide a better and safer environment.  The security personnels are now provided specific uniforms to identify them and they are planning to meet with Koror State Governor and chiefs to discuss how to reduce tension between students in different villages.

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