“When we are served, we discover our identity: our value, our worth, and who we are. But when we serve others, we find our purpose and meaning.”  ~Anonymity

I read the above this morning and it got me thinking…

In the tapestry of life, there are two profound threads that weave our existence: being served and serving others. When we find ourselves on the receiving end, we often discover essential aspects of our identity — our intrinsic value and worth. It’s a moment of self-reflection, an opportunity to recognize our significance in the grand scheme of things.

Yet, the true revelation occurs when we transition from being served to serving others. In these selfless acts of giving, we discover a profound sense of purpose and meaning. It’s as if our existence aligns with a greater narrative, one that transcends personal desires and ambitions. Through service, we tap into the essence of our humanity, connecting with others on a fundamental level.

So, while being served illuminates our individual identity, it’s through serving others that we discover a higher purpose — an interconnectedness that adds depth and richness to our lives.

In this beautiful dance between receiving and giving, we find not only who we are but also why we are here, creating a harmonious symphony of self-discovery and purposeful living.

A life of purpose is a life of service…

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