Prevention is better than cure, this is what a doctor who specializes in Orthopedics reiterated in an interview yesterday as he narrated his observation that hip fractures are common among Palauan elderly people.

Orthopedic Doctor Louis Schorr, who has been in Palau with his Ophthalmologist wife, Yehudit Schorr-Welt, since August last year to respond to the request for their service here, had observed that there are many cases of hip fractures in Palau and that these are common among old people. [/restrict]

Schorr then recommended to the populace to refrain, if possible, from having steps in the house that will make it difficult for elderlies to move around including placing floor rugs that commonly causes elderlies to trip over and eventually sustain injuries out of it.

“Hip fractures are a big trauma for an elderly patient,” Schorr said, explaining that this is not only common in Palau but in the whole world as well.

“I raised this knowledge that there is this pathology here and it is common among elderly people… [but] they can try to avoid [this] by doing simple things in the house so that the elderly people can’t fall down,” Schorr said. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter) [/restrict]