Tourist arrivals in February showed a slight increase when compared to the previous month’s statistics with Chinese nationals, which comprised 53% of this month’s total arrivals, still topping the list followed by Japan which made up 20% of this month’s total tourist arrivals. [restrict]

The Palau Visitors Authority’s (PVA) February 2018 statistics revealed that the tourist arrivals surged to 12,418 from 10,465 last month.

Out of the current statistics, Chinese tourists composed 6,613 of the total arrivals while Japan came in next comprising 2,536 of the total arrivals.  Korea came in third composing 1,000 of the total arrivals, however, when compared to last month, this number has decreased from 1,810.

Tourist arrivals from Taiwan, which comprised 7% of the total arrivals this month, has also increased from 807 last month to 837 this month.

PVA also noted that tourist arrivals from USA/Canada had a very slight decrease from 697 last month to 685 in February while tourists from Europe has also dropped to 446 this month from 494. The rest of the tourists comprised 2% of the total tourist arrivals this month or 301 of the total arrivals. (Rhealyn Pojas/Reporter)