The Cleared Ground Demining Team recently completed reinstating a historic trail in Peleliu State. Ms Cassandra McKeown, CGD Program Manager, stated that ‘the trail is historic both in terms of Palauan culture and Peleliu’s WWII history.


The trail crossing from East to West of Peleliu was used more than 100 years ago as an access route between traditional villages, and during WWII it was used by the US military as a major supply route’.

Mr Steve Cypra, President of the Peleliu War Historical Society, agreed that the trail known as the 321 Trail after the US Army 321st Infantry Regiment, is not only significant with its capture by the Army being a turning point in the battle as it closed off the southern area of Peleliu and consolidated fighting in the Ridge, but  historically for Peleliu as it was a route to the boat harbour for those villages on the other side of the Ridge.

Peleliu resident Mr Grandy Ngirabiol stated that the reopening of the trail is seen as a good thing by the community as it connects Peleliu’s East and West Roads and opens up access to the jungle for crab and bat hunting, as well it will be of historical interest to tourists visiting Peleliu. The CGD Team removed 149 items of ordnance from the route of the trail and some 1500 bullets, as part of its current funding from the Australian Government.    [/restrict]