On Tuesday, October 18, 2016, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) Chief Aquarist, Asap Bukurrou, gave a presentation during the Belau Tourism Association (BTA) monthly general membership meeting. Mr. Bukurrou’s presentation focused on the assessment and status of the maml and kemedukl population in Palau since their closure in 2006.


Palau instituted a complete ban on the fishing of maml and kemedukl because of the continued decline in their numbers prior to 2006.  Mr. Bukurrou showcased the recent assessments that that seem to indicate an increase in Bumphead Parrotfish and Napoleon Wrasse. Mr. Bukurrou emphasizes that recovery of these species was possible because their population was not totally depleted when Palau took action to conserve them.

Though these species’ population has increased since the closure, careful monitoring and assessment needs to continue.  PICRC is planning another comprehensive assessment of the populations of these fishes, which can provide us guidance on how to move forward with continued management.

PICRC became an associate member this year to Belau Tourism Association, and would like to thank BTA for the opportunity to share information about these important marine species in Palau.  PICRC hopes this would be the first of many presentations to share with the general membership of the tourism association. [/restrict]