Kuartei returns title Ngiracheruang, Skebong  stops receiving compensation for Ngiraklang

By: L.N. Reklai

January 19, 2016 (Ngerulmud, Palau) Two months of speculations and rumors were put to rest yesterday when 10th Senate adopted a resolutions naming the officers of the 10th Senate to be Senator Hokkons Baules for Senate President, Mark Rudimch for Senate Vice President and Phillip Reklai as Floor Leader.  Resolutions 10-14 to 10-16,  were introduced by 9 Senators and adopted without objection at the installation session of the 10th Senate at Ngerulmud, Melekeok.


“I pledge to work with my fellow Senators to pass bills that will benefit of Palauan people,” stated Senate President Hokkons Baules.  He further pledged to work with the House of Delegates and President Remengesau in the next four years for betterment of Palau.

Based on Senate Credentials Committee Report, Senator Stevenson Kuartei and Senator John B. Skebong had potential issues due to traditional titles they bore.  Kuartei held the title of Ngiracheruang of Ngchesar State and by virtue of the title sat on the Ngchesar State Council which is the governing body of Ngchesar State.

Senator Skebong held the title of Ngiraklang of Ngeremlengui and although he did not have part in the State government other than the allowed advisory position, he was compensated for that.  Senator Skebong, according to Senate Credential’s Committee had agreed not to get compensation for the title Ngiraklang and a copy of personnel action form provided by Governor of Ngeremlengui State confirmed that the no longer receives compensation.

Senator Kuartei, according to the Credential’s Committee Report had returned the title of Ngiracheruang of Ngchesar to Senior Female members of Eruang clan of Ngchesar on January 10, 2017 and no longer bears the title.

Senate Committee certified Skebong and Kuartei  as qualified and confirmed to be sworn in as Senators.  Skebong and Kuartei took oath of office along with 11 of their colleagues as Senators of the 10th OEK. [/restrict]