Launching of its fishing club aimed at empowering the Youth and Edlers to be more active stewards of the Ocean

On Saturday April 22, 2017, HOPE with Hatohobei State Youth (HSYO) and the Helen Reef Resource Management Program (HRRMP) launched the first community fishing club event.  The name of the fishing Club is “Yats Fishing Club” meaning our fishing club.  The officers of the club are Ismael Bernardo, Wayne Andrew, Grace Patris and Joy Nestor.  


Their program on Saturday included a throw net competition, local fish naming competition and fishing derby around the Marian in Echang Village.  The fishing tournament had the 22 participants with parent and a child fishing together.  The 1st place winners for the tournament were Westin and Ismael for the biggest catch (size) and Moses and Mowanes for the heaviest catch.

Yats fishing Club is open to all community members in Echang (Hatohobei and Sonsorol) and anyone interested in Palau who wants to participate.  Their goal is to inspire the young and old to appreciate the ocean to become better stewards by strengthening their connections.  Anyone interested to participate in their monthly activities please call Lulu at 488-4408 for more information. [/restrict]