Under a bright sunny day, today, Wednesday, April 26, 2017, the newly   created Palau Adventist Wellness Center, in a simple, beautiful ribbon   cutting ceremony, opened its doors to serve the people of Palau.  The   Center, abbreviated as PAWC, working under the umbrella of “Do All Things in Love (Palau), Inc.”, started today to offer dental clinics   and will offer eye clinics in the near future.  Eventually it will   offer specialized medical services as more equipment and doctors are   brought in.  The purpose of the Center is to make available health and   medical services that are not readily available and to support   hospital and other clinics in Palau.  Mostly importantly, the Center   will conduct health education and training aimed at improving overall   health in the community and to help curve the rise of non-communicable   diseases (NCDs) in Palau.


The Center is headed by Dr. Steve Chang, President, from Monterrey,   California and is located at Tuker at Ngerkesoaol Hamlet of Koror.    The land and building were donated by High Chief Yutaka Gibbons; the   building was renovated by Surangel and Sons with Mr.  & Mrs. Whipps personally overseeing the construction work and   furnishing of the housing units on the second floor; equipment and   materials were donated by supporters in the United States; a cargo   container with the equipment was shipped to Palau free of charge by   Matson Navigation; import taxes waived by the National Treasury; the local community donated more than $110,000.00 in cash to purchase many supplies and other needed equipment.  Many people donated their valuable time, energy, efforts as well as food to get the Center up   and ready for the opening.  For all the valuable assistance, Bilung   Gloria Salii, Vice President of PAWC, expressed and extended deep   appreciation during the ceremony.

The Center will be operated by volunteer doctors and other health   professional from the United States who will visit on a rotation basis   to offer their specialities throughout the year.  When specific   services become available, the community will be notified so   interested persons may schedule appointments to see the doctor of   their choice.

There was a good turnout for the opening ceremony with a brief program   of welcome, special remarks by Dr. Chang about his dream of the Center   in Palau becoming a reality, congratulatory remarks by Pastor Louis   Torres, and messages of appreciation by Bilung.

Several members of the Palau Traditional Council of Chiefs present   with High Chief Ibedul and Madrengebuked Thomas Remengesau, the   members of the PAWC Board, and other leaders on hand got to do the   ribbon cutting after which a tour of the Center took place and   refreshments were served.  In keeping with the motto of promoting   health mentally, physically, socially and spiritually, refreshments   consisted of fruits and water only!  The Center may be contacted  at 488-3061.   The PAWC is the second health wellness  center that’s opened in Palau recently!  Congratulations! [/restrict]