A report by the National Environmental Protection Council (NEPC) of the Government of Palau was released earlier this month on the State of the Environment (SOE) for the Republic of Palau. This was the first self-reported assessment of Palau’s environmental conditions since independence. The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) contributed to this report by providing information on coral reefs and fish populations.  


The SOE report highlighted the resilient nature of Palau’s reefs, even after major disturbances, but it also recognized the threats our reefs continue to face such as overfishing, sedimentation and Climate Change.  Another highlight of the report was the decline of fish populations and how we need to do more to manage our fisheries.

One of PICRC’s main goal is to conduct research and educational activities that contribute to coral reef conservation and management.  “We are delighted to contribute to our government’s effort to assess the State of the Environment”, states Dr. Yimnang Golbuu, CEO of PICRC.  The SOE report is a good vehicle to share the work of the Center to government and management authorities so they can make informed management and conservation decisions. We are grateful towards NEPC for releasing a cohesive report on Palau’s environment that acknowledges where management is effective and where additional effort is necessary.”

For more information about the State of the Environment Report, please contact Charlene Mersai at the NEPC Secretariat Unit at charmersai@gmail.com or call 767-8638.   For more information about PICRC’s research, please contact Ines Kintoki at e-mail ikintoki@picrc.org or call 488-6950. [/restrict]