March 23, 2017 (Koror, Palau) House of Delegates passes on 3rd reading a bill authorizing Bureau of Marine Resources to provide seedlings of tilapia to Palauan citizens and to encourage establishment of tilapia fish farms.

The bill cites tilapia aquaculture cannot be ignored “because benefits are so potentially great for all Palau states.”


It further cites that this would benefit Palau’s fishermen by providing new industry with affordable source of food for families as well as additional income source.

Tilapia, a native to Africa, thrive in all aquatic environments, and its adaptability makes it an excellent for fish farming, stated the committee report on the bill.

It also reports that some local fishermen have been impacted by creation of PAN which closed some traditional fishing grounds and limiting fishing.

The bill proposed to limit the risk of invasiveness by requiring that the tilapia introduced by the hybrid species and not the ones that can survive in saltwater to minimize risk of escape into the Palau environment. [/restrict]