Hundreds of retirees who receive their Social Security benefits directly into their bank account were quite upset when their benefits failed to show in their accounts yesterday. 

The angst was further exaggerated by the fact that yesterday was also a holiday, President’s Day, and many depended on the payment for customs and bill payments at the end of the month.

Social Security Administration’s Facebook post says that some banks are having issues due to Typhoon Mawar in Guam.  The same post said that SSA would ensure that the SS benefits of those receiving direct deposits into their bank account will receive their benefits on time.

SS retirees that get their benefits in paper checks received them on time, but those who received their benefits via direct deposit did not receive their benefit payments.  Moreover, they cannot check with their banks because yesterday was a holiday, President’s Day.

When asked to clarify the problem, SSA Chairman Hefflin Bai said he would have the administrator put out a notice.

Palau Social Security Administration had recently hired a new administrator, Clint Ngemaes, a former Loan Officer at the Palau National Development.  It is currently in the midst of a lawsuit over the firing of its last administrator Ulai Teltull. 

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