The funeral for Paramount Chief Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons has been set for the 23rd of this month, Tuesday next week.

His remains will arrive on Wednesday and according to sources, AARF will do a water bridge on arrival in his honor.

Three funerals will be held for him, national,  state, and family.  National police will be his pallbearers during the national funeral. Koror State Rangers will be his pallbearers at the State funeral and Ngarametal will be pallbearers at the family funeral to be held in Idid, Koror.

In addition to his title as Ibedul, he also held other traditional titles, the Rechuldak of the Ngarkeai (traditional council of chiefs of Aimeliik), and Obak ra Iwong of Ngerkebesang.  The 3 titles will be removed during the funeral in Idid. Reports say that he will be buried at the Ngerbodel Cemetary.  (By: L.N. Reklai)

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