Executives of the Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA)are in Palau for a one-week visit to gather data that will be utilized to develop a software that will help Palau in achieving its goals in transitioning to renewable energy resources.

IEA Chief Executive Officer Colin McKinnon and Climate Programme Manager Maria Noguer had arrived on September 17 and are currently meeting local agencies to gather meteorological data, power production data, and Geographic information systems data needed to improve accuracy of the Renewable Energy Space Analytic Tool (RE-SAT), an “energy planning platform that fuses satellite and in-situ weather data with advanced analytics to provide highly detailed renewable energy information.”

RE-SAT is led by IEA and funded by the UK Space Agency (UKSA) International Partnership Programme (IPP).

Through IEA, the data tool will be provided which will help analyze energy generation capacity and grid impact of different deployments of wind, solar and wave renewables.

In our previous report, Palau Energy Administration’s (PEA) Energy Specialist Gerald Tulop said that RE-SAT also has the capacity to acquire real time data for weather forecast. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)