The unofficial results released by the Palau Election Commission (PEC) on September 17 revealed Hideki Takataro is leading the race for the seat in the Kelulul A Kiulul (KAK) – Ngiwal State Legislature.

Hideki Takataro garnered 177 votes out of the 311 votes casted for the Ngiwal State 18th Legislature Run-Off Election. Russel Masayos, who was vying for the same seat, fell behind the race with 162 votes.

The data from the PEC revealed that out of the 748 total registered voters (TRV), only 311 were able to cast their votes.

Takaro and Masayos tied for the seventh seat in the Ngiwal 18th Legislature elections hence prompting for the runoff elections last September 17.

The other six candidates that won the legislature seats namely Ilabsis Ngirakesau, Jeff Ngirarsaol, Bolton Tengoll, Cisco Melaitau, Marina Udui and Asaria Timarong were already sworn in last week. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)