Ilana Seid, President Whipps nominee to the post of Ambassador as Permanent Representative of the Republic of Palau to the United Nations.(photo credit: Bernadette Carreon)

Ilana Seid has been nominated for an appointment as Permanent Representative of the Republic of Palau to the United Nations by President Surangel Whipps Jr.

Ilana Seid is the daughter of Alan Seid and Sophia Seid  and currently lives in New York City, New York, running her own online business, the

In his nomination letter to Senate President Hokkons Baules, Whipps said that Ms. Seid’s “considerable experience in the investment banking sector” will serve Palau well at the United Nations post.

“These diplomatic skills will serve Palau well in its continued work at the United Nations and will give Palau a strong presence and voice on behalf of the Republic and the Palauan people.”

Ms. Seid’s resume shows that she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Stanford University, held a position of Analyst in real estate banking for Lehman Brothers Asia, Nomura Services in Singapore and India including a position as an associate in investment banking under Nomura Securities.  She also served as summer intern for former Ambassador Stuart Beck at the Permanent Mission of Palau to the United Nations.

Resolution to approve her nomination is currently pending Senate action. (

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