Immigration systems have been upgraded to withstand hacking according to press release by the Ministry of Justice.

It was confirmed in earlier interview with Chief of Immigration Flavin Misech that Immigration systems were hacked sometime between November and December of last year.

In an interview with Island Times, the Chief of Immigration Flavin Misech had assured that visitors’ data was not hacked and erased and that it was an employee-based reports that were erased from the system.

Earnest Ongidobel, who serves as a Chief of Staff at MOJ, said he believed it was visitors data that was erased but he added that the hard copies of the information are still intact.

According to Ongidobel the cyber-attack that occurred last year was investigated only to an extent of understanding the damage as Palau currently doesn’t have the resources to understand the origins of the attack.

“We look to assistance from Taiwan, Japan, US and Australia to help us build technology capacity. This is an ongoing fight with cyber-warfare,” said Ongidobel.

Ongidobel further added that a developing country like Palau is still understanding how to tackle the problem of cyber safety unlike the nations with more resources.

Ongidobel expressed that the ministry is still puzzled as to the “why” of the cyber-attack.

He said, “Why would someone with that expertise want to hack into our systems and access immigration information!” (Eshan Kalyanikar)