A man who threatened a juvenile with a gun inside school premises over a theft of his son’s bicycle pled guilty and is now liable for 40 hours of community service and one year of probation.

Morgan Mira who is in his mid-30s pled guilty to a crime that he committed in the month of February this year.

According to court documents, Mira had driven to Palau High School and threatened to shoot a freshman student by showing him a pistol.

Mira pled guilty to Terroristic Threatening in the second degree and Reckless Endangering in Second Degree.

The conditions of his probation mandates him to stay away from PHS during school hours and school events. Mira also cannot possess any air rifle or air pistols henceforth.

Mira had initially given a written statement to the police stating that gun used for threatening was a toy gun. The investigating officers of the case had then verified the picture of the toy gun with the victim and other two witnesses. The verification had proved negative with all of them said that the gun that was pointed does not match the picture. (Eshan Kalyanikar)