With the addition of new equipment, the Wastewater Operations now have the capability of conducting inspections and improved clearing of sewer lines.

In March of this year, Wastewater crews were able to inspect the sewer network in Ikelau Hamlet near Penthouse and SDA with a CCTV (camera).

The above picture on the left was taken in March 2019 which shows a sewer line heavily full of grease. The picture to   the right shows the same sewer line after being cleared with a high-pressure jetter. A jetter is a powerful pipe cleaning machine that uses high-pressure water to clear obstructions in residential or commercial drain pipes as well as industrial sewer network.

With the new sewer network underway, PPUC would like to remind the public to be more careful when disposing fats, oils, and grease. When discarded in the drain, these deposits build up and cause pipe blockages, eventually leading to sewer overflows.

Avoid putting grease and cooking oil down the kitchen sink or toilet. Here are some tips to properly dispose cooking oil and grease:

  • Let the grease cool down and pour into a glass jar or coffee can and toss it in the You can also reuse the oil the next time you cook.
  • Wipe small amount of cooking oil with a paper towel and dispose in the
  • Pour cooking oil directly into the trash can that already has waste such as paper towels, tissue, and food (PR)