“Senator Sengebau believes that climate change is the biggest threat to the lives of the Palauan people, but I disagree with that,” said Senator Rukebai Inabo during a confirmation hearing yesterday of the presidential nominees to the Board of Palau Visitors Authority.

“I think our economic problems are the biggest threat to our lives, bigger than the environment,” added Inabo.  She justified that by saying that having enough resources to sustain a reasonable standard of living for Palauans will save the environment.

Senator Inabo’s statement echoes the National Security Strategy recently submitted by President Surangel Whipps Jr. to both houses of Olbiil Era Kelulau.

The Strategy’s opening statement stated, “Threats to Palau’s Economic Security is the top concern,” and the first security issue raised is that of economic security. 

The most significant existential threat to Palau is climate change, a statement Senator Umiich Sengebau agrees with.

Climate change impacts include coral bleaching, saltwater inundation, rising sea level, and frequent and severe natural disasters such as typhoons and droughts.

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