This Independence Day fireworks display set up will be right in front of PNCC satellite office parking lot alongside Ernguul main street and across Ernguul park where the Independence Day celebration will be held at according to the Secretariat of the Independence Day Celebration Melson Miko.  The display will take place on the evening of October 1st.

“The fireworks set up are safe and won’t harm anyone. So, by 7:30 pm everyone can gather out behind the OEK building and watch them go up” said Secretariat Miko.

BPS Director Alonz said that they had just found out the location of fireworks had moved from Track & Field to the new location so they will have to look at new site and plan for public safety and traffic diversions.

Uchel Tmetuchel who manages this lot that the Tmetuchel family owns, said they provided the space rent free for Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs (MCCA) to set up the fireworks.

Taiwan provided the grant for the fireworks said the Secretariat.

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