The correctional facility is in lockdown after an inmate was hospitalized after alleged attack by two fellow prisoners on March 5.

Prisoner Silvester Oiterong sustained an injury on his head after he was allegedly hit with a hard object by two other prisoners identified as Kenneth Roman and Hamilton Kenzio.

The incident happened during a regular one-hour period where prisoners are allowed to do recreational activities.

Oiterong was reportedly in the shower room when the two suspects allegedly attack him the moment they were released out of the jail for the recreational period. Upon sensing the commotion, jail officers immediately responded to the scene, hence preventing further injury from being inflicted to the victim.

Speculation also arises that the alleged attack was premeditated, according to the information shared to the media.

Special Assistant to the Minister of Justice Keiden Kintol said that the jail is in lockdown until further notice to prevent possibility of other inmates retaliating against suspects.

Kintol said that updates from the police department revealed that Oiterong is now recuperating from his injuries at the Belau National Hospital.

Police are still conducting an investigation to determine the motive behind the alleged attack while information are also prepared to file charges against the suspects. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)