Reach a wound that only a compassion can touch.

Evil is a killer that delights in taking life and destroying hope especially in children. And sexual abuse is one of the tools it uses incessantly to destroy  life.

Someone forwarded a message  programmed with invitation to join a forum to discuss a female pedophile being blackmailed. Apparently her distasteful acts on her male students was caught on video. I told the person who had seen the video to delete it from her phone. Images that heinous are like stains. They stick and stay, intent to murder your soul forever.  Evil come to kill, steal, and destroy.  Cruelty and harm on children, the weaker and the  disabled ones will never cease to exist in this sin infected world.  We can only educate our children to detect danger and run.  When an educator is the predator it’s like parents sending their kids to the shark infested waters and pay for it or send them to everglades where alligators and crocodiles rule.

Some of the comments made me see how shame triggers  avoidance, a defense mechanism to protect oneself from the stressful subject. It was too much to see the complexities of the trauma inflicted on the students that will haunt them for the rest of their life, so the focus went to the  blackmailer and his misspellings and other insignificance surrounding the issue just to run away for safety.  I tried to avoid addressing this issue by reading a novel I’ve been trying to read for year yo be exact.  I’m not even halfway through.  Why procrastinating? What am I afraid of?  Like those in the forum trying to avoid the stress by escaping the issue and go after the greedy blackmailer. I couldn’t handle the poorest of the poor and the priests controlled by aristocrats. We are, indeed, complex human beings. The tone of shame was so loud and clear I understood. It’s like we see a house on fire but we don’t want to see, hear, touch, smell or feel the heat for fear of getting burned. Instead of calling 911 we attack the brother of the owner of the house who is off-island.  It’s laughable, really, from embarrassment.

Culture of Shame, in this case, protects the criminal. Breaks my heart. I deleted the message and took time to be silent so I can think quietly.  Deep within us, we are made of secret stuff that only God knows. It’s so easy to judge someone when you haven’t walked in their shoes. We can only empathize and surrender it all to GOD.  And pray the Family Protection Act will rise up for the children, the disabled, and victims of domestic violence.

Pedophilia is not an addiction according to studies.  Pedophilia— being attracted to prepubescent or early pubescent is defined by the DSM-5 as sexual interests. The predator here being a female is like the infamous Mary Kay Letourneau in Seattle. There’s some mental disorder that makes them this way.  It’s not an excuse being thrown out. It’s something to consider before putting a pedophile behind bars.

And in fact about one percent of men (worldwide) are born this way.  It’s a mental health issue of the worst kind.

Something that was meant for beauty is used to destroy children.  Like sexual addiction are always going for more. “An orgasm creates a whopping 400-500 percent rise of dopamine. GOD intended for sex to feel really good and to do really good things for us, physiologically and relational.”  Writes Dan B. Allender in his book, HEALING THE WOUNDED HEART.  He has over 30 years experience dealing with the subject.

Pedophiles are dangerous. And they should NOT be around children from infancy to 18 year old boys and girls. The worst thing is they cause damage to the brain of a child and kill their hope.

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