The Criminal Investigation Division has launched an investigation after a viral video of several kids beating up one kid goes viral on social media.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Justice the victim in the video has been interviewed and the kids involved have been taken into questioning accompanied by their parents.

Due to their ages, their names will not be released publicly. Additionally, since an investigation is currently ongoing, the motives behind the fight are still not entirely clear.

The video has been passed around through social media sparking response by the Palauan netizens here and abroad, with many saying they are very disturbed by the video and calling for response from law enforcement.  Other more personal sentiments were expressed about kids in the video, calling for their parents to take responsibility for their kids’ actions.

Due to the response from the public, one of the boys has come forth with an apology for what he did.

Bureau of Public Safety have also informed the Office of the Attorney General of this matter.