Chief Justice Arthur Ngirakelsong had decided to retire from his position as the Chief Justice of the Palau Supreme Court after serving for 28 years as Chief Justice.  His resignation was effective yesterday June 1, 2020.

In his letter to President Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., Chief Justice Ngirakelsong said that he had made a decision to retire after serving the people of Palau, beginning in 1986 as an Associate Justice and as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Out of the 34 years serving at the Palau Supreme Court, 28 of those years has been as the Chief Justice.  He said it has been an honor and a privilege to serve the people of Palau.

He further expressed his appreciation to Minister Dr. Emais Roberts and Ambassador Ngedikes Olai Uludong for their assistance in arranging for his medevac and treatment in the Republic of China, Taiwan.

Chief Justice Arthur Ngirakesong fell ill last year in November and was medevac to Republic of China, Taiwan for treatment.  After extended treatment, he returned home to further recover.

Ngirakelsong was appointed in 1992 to the position of Chief Justice after Chief Justice Mamoru Nakamura passed away.

In his letter to President Remengesau Jr., he expressed his appreciation to all the past and present members of the judiciary and wishes all of them well.

With the position of Chief Justice now vacant, the Judicial Nominating Committee, a seven-member board, made up of 3 members from the Palau Bar Association, 3 members appointed by the President and Chief Justice as Chairperson will nominate 7 people to submit to the President for his appointment.

Palau Judiciary annual report states, “The qualities sought in judicial nominees include: integrity and moral courage; legal ability and experience; intelligence and wisdom; compassion and fairness; diligence and decisiveness; judicial temperament; and awareness of and sensitivity to Palauan culture.”