The year 2018 is almost over and another is yet to begin. But before we embark on another journey, let’s take a look at Island Times’ most viewed stories online.

Island Times looked back at the stories we published throughout the year and based on the figures shown by the analytics tool, the following stories were the ones that had captured the attention of our readers the most:

  1. Agri Trade with Taiwan officially opens eight years after first attempt

It seems everyone got excited with having fresher agricultural    supplies to buy from the market. Palau and Taiwan officially opened agricultural trade this year and the first shipment of vegetables and fruits arrived in Palau’s market in November. The trade took eight years to make as previous attempts that started in 2010 did not prove successful.

 Since Taiwan is closer to Palau, goods are expected to arrive the country sooner, hence resulting to having fresher goods.

Total number of views: 1,194

  1. Over $300,000 collected in former First Lady’s record-breaking funeral

This proved to be one of the most heartbreaking news that Palauans received this year – the death of the beloved former First Lady Elong Nakamura, wife of then Palau President Kuniwo Nakamura.

In this article, Island Times reported that the funeral for the former First Lady set the new record in the country for having the most money collected in such customary event. A total of $353,000, five Palauan money, and 315 Toluk (turtle shells – Palau’s traditional money) were collected during the funeral and Cheldecheduch (settling of the will).

Total number of views: 1,245

  1. Man faces charges after allegedly overtaking presidential convoy

Humor is indeed publishable as this news made it on the fourth spot of the most viewed stories this year.

Although, this is something to be taken seriously, some of our readers could not help but be amused at the news as evident from the “haha” reactions this story got on our Facebook page.

In this article, Island Times reported that a man was arrested and booked for disorderly conduct, improper passing/overtaking, and resisting arrest after allegedly overtaking the convoy of the president of the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI).

Total number of views: 1,291

  1. Remengesau grants full pardon to drug convict, Justice Minister and AG recommend otherwise

 Everyone got mixed reactions after President Tommy Remengesau, Jr. granted full pardon to a drug convict in November as his administration has been very vocal about its zero tolerance policy against drugs. The news had even amplified more when Justice Minister Raynold Oilouch and Attorney General Ernestine Rengiil both issued statement recommending to deny the pardon based on the government’s zero tolerance policy.

Total number of views: 2,229

  1. Law enforcement academy cadet dies in training

 In this article, Island Times reported that a law enforcement officer died while undergoing regular training program. This was said to be a first fatality to occur during the law enforcement academy program.

 Total number of website views: 2,529

  1. Man arrested for kidnapping, rape

 Topping the list is the story about the man who was arrested for alleged kidnapping and rape of an 18-year-old girl on May 13.

The victim was found running on the road near KB Shell wearing only a blouse and bra. Three men who were on their way to work found the victim and helped report the incident to the authorities.

 Total number of website views: 3,807