“It was for a good cause and with good intentions,” said Yuki Gibbons, speaking for her mother, Benedicta Kebekol, who was sued by Tikei Kebekol, administrator of George Kebekol Estate, for allegedly passing herself off as the representative of the George Kebekol Estate.

Tikei Kebekol had also sued Koror State Government for breach of contract claiming damages of over $40 million.  Tikei Kebekol alleged in the suit that former Governor Franco Gibbons amended the submerged land/water lease executed by George Kebekol before his death, with his mother-in-law Benedicta Kebekol in breach of contract and fair dealings.  The suit claims that Tikei Kebekol is the court-appointed administrator, not Benedicta Kebekol.  Benedicta Kebekol is the sister of George Kebekol and mother-in-law of former Koror State Governor Franco Gibbons.

Further, Tikei Kebekol in the suit, claimed that as an administrator of George Kebekol’s Estate, she had the authority “to manage and administer any and all of the Plaintiff’s assets.”

Mrs. Gibbons, speaking for her mother claimed that Tikei Kebekol was appointed a Temporary Administrator of the Estate of George Kebekol pending an ongoing court case for a permanent administrator.  “As a temporary administrator, her authority is very limited to only safeguard the property until a permanent administrator is appointed.”

“My mother, to give the investors a peace of mind, only extended the payment terms.  They were supposed to start paying rent in January of this year.  She extended it to 2025 to start paying the rent,” expressed Mrs. Yuki Gibbons.

Plus, she said, the island of Ngerchelngael belonged Kebekol Alfonso, the father of George Kebekol and Benedicta Kebekol.  She said that during “George Kebekol’s cheldecheduch” – settling of the will, they gave Tikei Kebekol (daughter of George Kebekol) and her mother the properties both George and his wife acquired in their marriage.  The island was not acquired, it belonged to George and Benedicta’s father.

In the suit, Tikei Kebekol claimed that the amendment of the submerged water/land lease caused damages to George Kebekol’s Estate in the amount of $40 million, the amount of investment negotiated by George Kebekol before his passing.

The court trial to settle the Temporary Administrator status is set for September 2022.

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