Thunderstorm was rumbling loudly right over my head last night and woke me up. It scared me, to be honest. It sounded like the sky was falling. I covered my ears, and thought — at least it will cool down after a hot day. It began to rain. And a song came to mind:

“Someone said that in each life,
some rain is bound to fall. And each one sheds his share of tears. And trouble troubles us all, but the hurt can’t hurt forever. And the tears are sure to dry.

“And it won’t rain always. The clouds will soon be gone. The sun that they have been hiding has been there all along. And it won’t rain always. GOD’S promises are true. The sun’s gonna shine in His own good time and He will see you through.”

Please God bring sleep to my eyes and let me sleep in peace so I will rise in peace.

Life is difficult and we lose loved ones through death or something else. Things don’t go as we hoped they would and hearts break and tears fall. But ‘hurts don’t hurt forever’ as the song goes. Hope! Another thing I’ve noticed about some people is they don’t see your tears, and they never see your pain BUT they see your mistakes and your weaknesses and calls them out to hurt you. Hurting people hurt people.

God help me …Trying to pray for them feels like gravels in the mouth.

So my prayer is: Please GOD let me see your intentions for making them and help me treat them as if they’re already there.

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