In order to be able to think you you have to risk being offensive.  ~ JORDAN PETERSON

At this point in my life I feel that my poor health have helped me immensely and unexpectedly. It has helped me to be still and think deeply without unnecessary interruptions. I’ve improved my comprehension and my writing skills. It’s all been good. I’ve had time to be thankful, getting to know GOD and why he is called LOVE. There’s been many a day and time when I question his existence and why there is too much evil in the world. 

For the past 20 years I’ve  been writing to this column. It started with my reaction to domestic violence where my sister was a victim. As time went on Women’s Corner became my journal in a way for my own healing journey as well as entertaining.  As a licensed counselor, writing  is one of the better ways to heal brokenness —  on a  journey to understand  myself.  I know I’d rather be relatable rather than being likable. Yes I  can only hope that someon out there can relate.  I’m interested in human behavior and why they tick the way they do. What made them the way they are. And exactly what is mental health.

I’ve always loved words.  The way they sound as they roll off my tongue, how they are put together to form an idea. The art of deflecting and fluctuating and why the body can’t forget everything done to her is quite fascinating. Why do words break our hearts and fracture our minds more than a physical beating with sticks and stones. I also would like to know why there are those who are stoic like they don’t care while others break down easily and some resort to end their lives. Some are as my sister puts it: “Tekora di fake a lens.” LOL  it takes all kinds.

I always do extensive research to make sure I’ve got things right before I share in this column.  It is in research that I have found the better way to  process my thoughts and how to renew my mind. How to unlearn the lies that were said to me like “you must obey our rules or be kicked out – the graceless rulers who can’t stand your independence. They are so afraid of those they can’t control. You know GOD didn’t tie Adam and Eve with a rope. He respected their choices.  They were free to wander in the garden knowing that death was the consequence.

Since I never studied journalism I had to read about it, and read some more.  I also understand that open minded individuals will read objectively while on the other end of the spectrum, everything is subjective. And because we think differently and our perceptions are personal there will always be critics.

Understand ethics  My writing had been labeled by some as controversial.  I took their comment as compliment.   I don’t believe in indoctrination. I respect ideas and differences of opinions and people’s choices, I believe open mindedness is vital to our relational and spiritual intelligence. 

If we all think alike no one is thinking. (Benjamin Franklin?)

I’ve learned not to look for happiness because they’re like bubbles that burst, then gone almost instantly. I have become easier on myself by letting go of typos, misspellings and leave  grammar even incomplete just because I didn’t see them. In other words, it takes courage to realize that I’m imperfect. 

Life happens when you begin to live. Mistakes happen. I even go to sleep late and wake up very late in the day.  No guilt. It’s ok to be human.

Happy Weekend. ❤️

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