Current waste disposing at the national landfill at Aimeliik

Meeting with Project Director, Mr. Brian Melairei

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) launched “Japanese Technical Cooperation Project for Promotion of Regional Initiative on Solid Waste Management in Pacific Island Countries Phase 3 (J-PRISM3)” in July 2023. Under this project, JICA Expert Team was formulated, and the team has just visited Palau for the first time from 16th Oct to 23rd Oct to kick off the country activities of Palau.

Field observations to waste tire recycling facility by Joint team

J-PRISM itself was started in 2011 as Phase 1. After the completion of Phase 1 in 2016, Phase 2 was continuously implemented as J-PRISM2 from 2017 to 2023. During both phases, it was supported to improve the waste collection and transportation services, landfill operation and promoting “3R+Return” with the implementation of CDL. In parallel, the Government of Japan also supported to construct a new landfill in Aimeliik under its Grant Aid Project.

Project period of J-PRISM3 is another five years up to July 2028 and its target countries in the Pacific region are the same as Phase 2, These countries are FSM, RMI, PNG, Solomon, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and the Republic of Palau. As well as the previous phases, the Project Office is established at SPREP in Samoa for the regional coordination among these member countries. J-PRISM3 aims to promote more regional cooperation based on the good practices and lessons learnt at each country including Palau. Besides the Project Office, as mentioned at the beginning, some member of JICA Expert Team for country activities visited to Palau, Mr. Shungo SOEDA (Team Leader), Mr. Takahiro KAMISHITA (Recycling system), Junya KIKUHARA (3R+Return) and Ms. Nodoka ORII (Public Awareness), together with Mr. Satoru MIMURA (Chief Advisor) and Mr. Shiro AMANO (JICA Advisor). Project Director of Palau Side will be the Director of Bureau of Public Works (BPW), Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Industries (MPII), Mr. Brian Melairei, and Project Manager will be the Chief of Solid Waste Management Division of BPW, Mr. Calvin Ikesiil. J-PRISM3 activities will be implemented by Joint Work of both sides inviting other counterparts and stakeholders.

Meeting with Project Manager, Mr. Calvin Ikesiil

In J-PRISM3, the project purpose is that the mechanism for self-sustaining solid waste management and 3R+Return is further strengthened. For achieving the purpose, the following outputs are expected: 1. Organizational, institutional and financial capacities on solid waste management are enhanced/improved, 2. Capacity of providing public services on waste management is enhanced, 3. “3R+Return” System is promoted, and 4. The knowledge and experiences in the region are shared.

During their stay in Palau, they visited the field related to the Project such as National Landfill at Aimeliik and Recycling Center of Koror State Government. Then, on 23rd Oct, JICA Expert Team held a kickoff meeting with BPW-MPII to start discussing the detailed activities and will continue to finalize the Work Plan.

 JICA Expert Team looks forward to the next 5 year journey of collaboration and cooperation with the Republic of Palau Government counterparts, local residents, business community and all stakeholders to achieve our JPRISM3 goals.

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