Arrivals from the first month of 2023 registered over 300 percent, according to the latest Palau Visitors Arrival Statistics.

According to the statistics, there were 1,989 visitors arriving in Palau 694 of them from Taiwan, followed by tourists from the United States with 623, and a third from Japan with 287 arrivals.
Compared to 2022, there were only 429 arrivals. 
 The January 2023 arrivals also showed an increase of 12% compared to last month (Dec. 2022). Taiwan still leads in arrivals representing 35%, followed by USA/ Canada with 31%, then Japan with 14%.

Although high compared to 2022 numbers, the January 2023 arrivals is still 20% of the 2020 pre-Covid visitor numbers. 
In 2022, Palau was one of the 14 Pacific countries which signed up to a new 68-page policy document aimed at promoting sustainable tourism in the region.

 The Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework supports tourism operators in protecting marine and coastal ecosystems, encourages businesses to reduce the use of energy, water, and plastics, and provides guidelines for visitors to respect cultural sites.

Palau has been reopening to tourism anew, in January each traveler must present a copy of their completed Health Declaration Form.

 The statistics also said as tourism restarted and COVID-19 Protocol loosened up, businesses are resuming their services with special rates and promotions.

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