The Embassy of Japan in Palau opened a Twitter account in October 2019 to disseminate information on the relationship between Japan and Palau, embassy events, etc. mainly to Japanese people. Tweets introducing the language and food culture shared between Japan and Palau have become popular, and the account has now over 40,000 followers. Finally, this month, the Japanese embassy in Palau, a country which has a population of less than 20,000, ranked first in the number of followers among all the Japanese diplomatic missions abroad with Twitter accounts.

The post that received the most reactions so far was a post on April 4 this year that introduced a collection of Japanese words that have a unique meaning in Palauan, such as “tsukarenaos”, which has more than 38,000 likes and the number of views exceeded 3.6 million. One of the most popular recent posts was a post on July 27, which introduced the Palauan Olympic male athletes’ Japanese cherry blossom designed uniform worn as they marched their way into the stadium during the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony. This post reached over 13,000 likes with positive comments on the uniform such as “A wonderful expression of respect” and was featured by Yahoo! Japan’s news.

Many people have commented “Following the Twitter account of the Embassy of Japan in Palau makes me want to go to Palau.” Through Twitter, the Embassy of Japan in Palau will continue to provide information about the special relationship between Japan and Palau to more Japanese people as well as to share information to attract them to Palau after the convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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