Young Japanese businesspersons paid courtesy visit to Education Minister Sinton Soalablai (1st row, fourth from left) at the Ministry of Education (MOE) office on August 19. (Contributed Photo)

Around 40 members of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Japan, a group of young Japanese business persons, visited Palau to personally learn about Japan’s diplomatic and historical ties with the island nation.

The group paid a courtesy call to Education Minister Sinton Soalablai yesterday, August 19, at the Ministry of Education (MOE) office to convey their interest about learning the history that both countries share and also to donate baseball equipment to the Peleliu Elementary School.

JCI Kanto District Council Vice President Shujiro Nakahara said the group will be staying here for three days to visit Peleliu island to pay homage to the Japanese troops who perished on there during World War 2. The group will also visit a Senior Citizen Center and a school.

In an interview, Nakahara told the Times that their group acknowledges the importance of conveying to the younger generation the shared history of the two nations especially about what happened during the war.

“Most of the older people already passed away but now the younger generation must learn about the war, must learn about Palau, and then we’ll continue to [pass on this message] to the children,” Nakahara said.

Nakahara also shared their plans to bring in their children to Palau to personally engage with Palauan students in the future.

This is the second time that the group visited Palau after 2015.