Palau’s Honorary Consul General to India Neeraj A Sharma

Palau’s Honorary Consul General to India Neeraj A Sharma said that he sees a lot of potential for Palau to tap into the Indian market to increase its tourist arrivals, citing that more than 50% of Indians spent their money in foreign travels.

A Sharma, in an interview with the Times, said that Palau has the infrastructure and accommodations facility to cater to the growing Indian outbound tourist numbers but he said the challenge of connectivity between India and Palau should be set right.

“We want to have an airline from India or anywhere from Pacific to fly to Palau from Singapore because of a lot of tourist traffic in India,” A Sharma said.

A Sharma added that Palau also has “very good restaurants that people can relish.”

“So I think it can only grow bigger from here. It cannot become smaller. So there is a huge opportunity that both the nations are setting upon,” A Sharma added.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization had previously projected that India will account for 50 million outbound tourists by 2020.