On September 25, the Palau Diving Association, mainly composed of Japanese diving shops conducted a beach cleanup at Gerobrobang beach, using the “Program to Strengthen Livelihood and Business Foundations for Japanese Nationals Overseas and People of Japanese Descent” by the Government of Japan.

The Government of Japan is implementing this grant program around the world, including Palau, to support Japanese residents whose livelihoods have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Palau, the Palau Diving Association led by Japanese diving shops applied the program and receives around 23,200 US dollars from the Embassy of Japan in Palau. The Association has decided to utilize the program to conduct six beach and underwater cleanups between August and December this year. Through these cleanups, the Association aims to support livelihoods of Japanese residents continuing their business despite the severe tourism situations, and to maintain the beautiful marine environment, which is one of the greatest attractions of tourism in Palau.

7 Japanese diving shops of the Palau Diving Association and the Japan Club of Palau cooperated the beach cleanup at Gerobrobang beach. After the 6-hour cleaning up by 24 participants, 328.5 kg garbage were collected. Mr. Tominaga, Chairman of the Association said, “Some of the trash collected this time included trash that drifted to Palau from other countries, and the importance of continuing cleanups became clear once again even when the tourism industry stagnates due to the pandemic. We will continue our cleanup activities to maintain the marine environment of Palau, utilizing the support program of the Government of Japan.” All participants paid attentions to virus preventive measures during the activity.

The next beach cleanup activity by Japanese diving shops of the Palau Diving Association is scheduled for 10 October.

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