On March 4, 2022, Ambassador of Japan KARASAWA Akira and Principal Ulai T. Ikesiil of Meyuns Elementary School signed a grant contract for “The Project for Reconstructing Cafeteria for Meyuns Elementary School” valued $487,000. The ceremony was held at the Embassy of Japan and witnessed by Minister Dale Jenkins and representatives of the Ministry of Education management team.

Serving meals to students is one of the important roles for schools to make sure students have nutritious and healthy foods for their growth. MOE started a new program serving breakfast in addition to lunch in public schools since last October, so that no students feel hungry when they arrive at school. This meal program is helpful not only for students but also their parents to improve students’ attendance and performance.

To serve two meals a day in schools, a good cafeteria is essential. However, it is not possible for Meyuns Elementary School (MES) to prepare meals for students on campus because the cafeteria was deteriorated and seriously damaged by Typhoon Surigae last April. Meals for MES students are prepared at Palau High School and then delivered to MES every day.

In addition, the cafeteria of MES plays an essential role in school operation on a daily basis. The only and largest building on campus that can accommodate many people, the cafeteria has also been used for class activities such as physical education when it rains, seasonal events including Christmas program, the graduation ceremony and PTA meetings.

For these reasons, the reconstruction of the cafeteria is an urgent issue for the school, students, teachers and parents to resume normal school operation and to provide a safe and appropriate learning environment. Therefore, the Embassy of Japan has decided to grant the reconstruction of  the cafeteria building for MES through their GGP. The total amount of the grant $487,000 is the second biggest in all 90 GGP projects in Palau.

In the ceremony, Ambassador Karasawa expressed his hope that this project will contribute to further development of Meyuns Elementary School and well-being of its students. Principal Ikesiil expressed her gratitude to the Government of Japan, also stated the parents and community were very happy about this good news. Minister Jenkins conveyed his appreciation to the Government of Japan’s quick action for this project, also to Japan‘s continuous support in Education.

The Government of Japan launched GGP in 1999 to meet development needs in grassroots activities in Palau. The Embassy of Japan has signed 90 grant contracts with schools, hospitals, state governments and NGOs in Palau. For further information about GGP, please contact 488-6455 or visit the Embassy of Japan website at https://www.palau.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/about_ggp.html.

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