On Tuesday, December 17, 2019, Ambassador of Japan Akira Karasawa and Governor of Ngaraard State Benjamin Iskawa signed the grant contract for “The Project for Procurement of Equipment for Improving State Road in Ngaraard State”, valued $99,100, under the Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP). The signing ceremony was held at the Embassy of Japan and was witnessed by Ngaraard State House of Chiefs, Legislator, and State staff.

People in Ngaraard State are often forced to travel slowly and carefully on unpaved roads as the roads are full of potholes in the state so that they do not get stuck in the holes. On top of that people drive over the other lane to avoid holes and this is the risk of causing accidents in the future. Additionally, it takes time to transport patients in emergency situations with this road condition and this is the threat for the residents since there is not medical service in Babeldaob.

In light of this, the Embassy of Japan decided to grant a brand new backhoe loader to improve the state road. Procurement of new equipment now allows Ngaraard State to maintain the road regularly and this will reduce the risk of accidents and travel time for the residents.

In his remarks at the ceremony, Ambassador Karasawa hoped that through the project, the backhoe loader would be used efficiently and maintained for a long period of time. Furthermore, he expressed his hope that this project would contribute to further development of Ngaraard State and its residents.

Governor Iskawa conveyed his appreciation to the Embassy for the grant and mentioned that the State needed the backhoe loader for the safe living of Ngaraard people as well as the development of the State.

The Government of Japan launched GGP in 1999, for the purpose of responding to various development needs engaged in grassroots activities in Palau. As of December 17, 2019, the Embassy has signed 80 grant contracts with schools and hospitals as well as state governments and non-profit organizations. Education, health care and environment are the primary fields prioritized by Japan and its GGP. For further information about GGP, please contact 488-6455or visit the Embassy of Japan website at http://www.palau.emb-japan.go.jp/itprtop_en/index.html .