The Protected Areas Network (PAN) awarded scholarships, through its PAN Scholarship Program, to two Finance Officers, Jun Ushibata from PAN Fund and Nicole D. Maech from PAN Office, two PAN site managers, Omar Faustino from Melekeok Conservation Network, Losii Samsel from Aimeliik System of Conservation Areas and PAN Administrative Officer, Katsumi Abia Soalablai from the Ngermeskang Bird Sanctuary in Ngeremlengui, to attend various trainings at the 19th Asia Pacific Association for Fiduciary Studies (APAFS) in Manila, Philippines from November 17-22, 2019. The trainings they attended provided insights to the basics of investments, terms associated with investments, best practices on investing, and money management. In addition to the trainings, they attended a due diligence meeting organized by PAN Fund Board of Trustees to evaluate the performance of consultant and money managers for PAN related investments.

This training is the first of series of capacity building trainings planned to enhance the capacity of key PAN employees, especially PAN State Coordinators to manage investments. The training program complements the ongoing efforts by PAN Office and PAN Fund to implement the Protected Areas Network Investment Partnership Program (PAN IPP), which sought to enable the PAN Member States to set aside funding’s to invest and support long-term conservation efforts with PAN Fund, in a pooled investment scheme.

“Because of this opportunity, new knowledge and prospects are now available to us. This has moved our program from just a conversation to a more concrete investment scheme to solidify the IPP Program that we are certain is beneficial to our PAN state program and community”.– Omar Faustino, MCN Program Manager

We hope this opportunity will allow more support to implement the PAN Investment Partnership Program (PAN IPP).It is PAN’s goal that with this opportunity, they will work with their state governments to produce a robust sustainable financing mechanism to support their PAN Sites. Another recipient, Losii Samsel of ASCA shares, “I gained knowledge in the basics of investment… so that I can work with PAN Fund, PAN Office, Aimeliik State Government, and our state Legislature… to address sustainable financing needs of ASCA in the future”.

We would like to congratulate the recipients of this scholarship and would like to encourage the rest of PAN employees to continue their capacity building through the PAN Scholarship Program. For more information on the PAN Scholarship Program, visit to access the PAN Scholarship Application Package or email