Palau High School World History students had the opportunity this fall semester on an exciting trip to the rock islands followed by another adventure to the beautiful state of Beliliou. Both classes had their first field trip to the rock islands in September where they visited the Milky way, Jellyfish Lake and Ulong Island.  Last month in November they had the chance to explore Beliliou where they visited some of the major WWII sites namely the Bloody Nose Ridge, Orange & White Beach, and Peleliu World War II Memorial Museum.  The Beliliou adventure ended with lunch and swim in Ngermelt as done in previous class trips.  The study excursions definitely added so much value to the students’ overall learning growth.  Many of the students visited such important cultural and historical places for the first time.  Some of them were even first time visitors to Beliliou and the rock islands.

As always, Principal Smyth Rdang together with the students would like to express their highest gratitude to the Hon. Temmy L. Shmull, Governor of Peliliu State and the Hon. Franco Gibbons of Koror State and their able staff for the support in making possible these extraordinary study trips exciting and memorable.  Special thanks is also conveyed to Principal Ngereblunt Arurang and Mr. Clark Rechebong of Peliliu Elementary School.  Kom kmal mesulang!

Wising everyone a blessed holiday season and a healthy and fruitful year 2020! Let us remember Jesus, the reason for the season!  God bless you, God bless the Republic of Palau!