Filming of Japanese reality tv show in Palau. Photo credits: Jerry K. White, President/Line Producer, RYG Co. Inc, (Guam)

Japan’s top rated private streaming cable network Abema and Top Scene Inc., a production company, filmed eight episodes of a “reality tv show” all over Palau last week.

Palau was in competition Hawaii, Thailand, and Okinawa where the first two seasons were filmed. 

The reality tv show puts 7 girls and 7 boys on two separate islands. From there, the girls and boys must travel to each of their islands to meet and to find their destiny partner.  In their search for a partner,   the entire island of Palau is their back drop, and they travel around the island to entertain each other and to connect.

“This show covered about 30 different locations on Palau, from various tourist activities, restaurants, cafes, the spectacular Rock Islands, from North to South, private daily cruises to travel between the islands, water activities, historic sites, and the fantastic resort facilities that they all live in.   This is a picture-perfect destination with lnstagram-like “Bling” to the show.”

The film production is a welcome relief by many vendors and operators that have been affected by the pandemic. 

“With the gradual re-opening of our island, the importance of the media presence and exposure is critical at this time.         As a tour service company, we felt the warmth , welcoming, and tremendous out-of-the-way kindness from everyone on the island.   We all felt this never-felt-before togetherness from everyone, and the positive anticipation of tourists that we are all looking forward to,” stated Kikuchi from RITC.

COVID-19 hit hard affecting not only the tourism industry but other related media industry around the world.

Since early May of 2022, Palau has gradually opened its doors to the international travelers. It was much awaited anticipation since two years ago.

“Since some of the activities, and vendors were either closed or on shorter week hour schedule, however we were able to ask the vendors’ support by opening their closed days and hours of operation to participate for our filming. We truly thank the vendors.   Of course, estimated 50 productions staffs from Japan, together with our local staff of 15, and Drone operators; restaurants around the island had provided 60 breakfast, lunch, and dinner arrangements are supported daily. Hotel accommodations, rental veh icles, drinks alone go in to several hundred cases, snacks, catering services, local rental equipment, and prop purchases, are only part of the production spending throughout the island.”

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