On Friday, August 16, 2019, the Palau International Coral Reef Center welcomed Mr. Jiaoji Waqainabete of Fiji for an aquarium and facility tour.

Mr. Waqainabete, who works for the accounting firm Ernest & Young, based in Fiji, was visiting the Center for one week conducting a fiscal capacity assessment of PICRC’s administration.

The assessment was done as part of the requirements for a Global Environmental Fund project which Palau has taken on, with PICRC as one of the main agencies involved.

The tour, led by Ms. Ines Kintoki of the Communications team at PICRC, took Mr. Waqainabete through the PICRC aquarium, which showcases the ecosystems of Palau starting from the mangroves, to sea grass fields, to the inner and outer reefs of Palau, and the deep waters and Jellyfish Lake.

He was then taken to PICRC’s research tanks to see the work researchers have ongoing at the Center, including a coral nursery, overseen by Aquarium Supervisor Laura Del Rio, and a coral breeding project, demonstrated by visiting researcher Eveline van der Steeg. According to Mr. Waqainabete,

“The theme of this tour was consistent and well thought out. What I appreciated most was that it was not just about marine, mangrove, and coral ecosystems in general; but more specifically in Palau, which was great. I enjoyed the week’s visit at PICRC, the team I worked with was young, vibrant and eager to take on the results of the assessment. This I believe is a testament to great leadership and team work there. Please keep up the great work.”

The Center would like to thank Mr. Waqainabete for his work and for his visit to our aquarium and our facilities. (PR)