Under the JICA Follow-Up Scheme, JICA is pleased to present to the Ministry of Health, 1,000 rubbing alcohol and 500 hand sanitizers. Following these medical supplies are ultra-violet lights that are current in the process of procurement. JICA hopes that the supplies and equipment will help Palau during this period of COVID-19.

This assistance was made possible through Clarette Matlab, Chief Pharmacist of the Belau National Hospital, who participated in one of the JICA Group Training course that allows her to apply for follow up assistance.

Over 250 individuals have participated in a variety of courses in Japan, now known as the Knowledge Co-Creation Program. Every year JICA provides at least 17 courses to Palauan in the public sector.

For more information regarding this and other JICA Programs, you may contact the Ministry of State or call JICA Palau Office.

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