The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Palau will have a new resident representative following the exit of current JICA Resident Representative Nobuaki Miyata this June.

In an interview with current JICA Resident Representative Nobuaki Miyata yesterday, he said that his two-year term to serve in Palau has already come to an end.

“These last two years had been really fast for me. So many things happened,” Miyata shared, who recalled arriving in Palau in May 2016.

Under Miyata’s administration, Palau was able to get the grant to construct the new landfill in Aimeliik, one of the biggest projects of Japan in Palau through JICA.

“I feel satisfaction with the accomplishments of [JICA during my] assignment [here],” Miyata shared.

After leaving Palau, Miyata will be deployed to Samoa for a project.

Meanwhile, incoming JICA Resident Representative Yoshikazu Tachihara had arrived in Palau on June 11 and had already been able to pay courtesy visits to some government offices here.

Tachihara said in the same interview that among his top priorities in Palau are helping address environmental issues, provide basic education, and public health.

“Basically, I will keep the JICA policy [under my term],” Tachihara said, adding that he will help assist in the implementation of various on-going projects of JICA in Palau.

When asked about how he finds Palau, Tachihara said, “It’s a very nice country and the Palau people are very friendly. I like the environment in Palau.”

Prior his arrival in Palau, Tachihara had served in various countries. He was also the former JICA resident representative in El Salvador and the Director for JICA Bolivia.

Tachihara also said that he would like to continue and develop more the friendship between Japan and Palau. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)