Recently, an AI tool called ChatGPT has become a hot topic around the world. The program, which anyone can access for free, has become famous for its ability to instantly answer any question a user writes in. While the world is still debating the use of this newest AI tool due to the various impacts it can have on the world, there seems to be no doubt that it has the potential to dramatically increase our work efficiency if used in the right way.

Mr.Tsutsui Shunki, a JICA volunteer working at Ngeremlengui Elementary School as a teacher, has completed an AI drill named “GPT Drill” by integrating ChatGPT with google docs. Recently, he held a workshop for his colleagues to let them know how to use the GPT Drill. For example, in this drill, all you have to do is type in the command, “Make 15 multiplication questions for multiplication tables from 2 to 5,” and the AI will instantly create questions that follow the command. The teacher can then print them out and immediately distribute them to the children. Depending on the instruction to the AI, the system can be used not only for arithmetic, but also for other subjects. Ms.Iris    Ngiramengior, the 4th grade homeroom teacher, used the GPT drills to create and distribute a test on addition and subtraction of decimals to her students. Naturally, the test results were graded. In creating the tests, Ms. Ngiramengior received no assistance from the JICA volunteer. This shows that the GPT drills are easy for everyone to use. Ms. Ngiramengior describes the GPT drills as “Fast and easy to use.  I really do look forward for continuous usage in the future”. The range of applications for GPT drills will be unlimited, depending on the creativity and ingenuity of the user.

Mr. Tsutsui says “It is one of my missions as a JICA volunteer to help teachers at Ngeremlengui Elementary School utilize cutting-edge technology to further improve the level of education. Even though there is much debate about the use of ChatGPT, and total reliance on AI may not be desirable, however, I believe it can dramatically increase the efficiency of teachers’ work and improve the quality of education if utilize correctly. I hope that my introduction of the ChatGPT in this time will lead to discussions about its use in education of the country.

Last year, JICA volunteer program in Palau commemorated 25 years of its history. During the quarter century, more than 290 volunteers have worked and contributed not only to socio economic development of Palau, but also to mutual understanding between both countries through their grassroots activities. The cooperation has been unique and precious in Palau which enables sustainable development by providing human to human relationships between the two countries.

To learn more about this and other JICA Programs, contact the Ministry of State or JICA Palau Office, or visit or Facebook, JICA Palau Office.

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