On March 2nd, Ambassador KARASAWA Akira of the Embassy of Japan and Mr. SHIMADA Masato, Representative of Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS) Palau Office, signed a Grant Contract for the project for Work on Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) in the Republic of Palau, the Third Stage. This agreement will make up to US$ 902,451 available from the Government of Japan to JMAS for the purpose of ERW removal activities in Palau for one year onwards.

JMAS, which has been working in the sea around Palau since 2012, has ever conducted several activities including the removal of depth charges found in the Helmet Wreck, the oil spill handling of Amatsu-maru tanker and the clearance of ERW on Peleliu Island. Their activities have contributed to the marine environment of Palau as well as its people’s safety and security. JMAS has also provided a series of trainings in clearance of ERW to Koror State Government Rangers so that the people of Palau will be able to succeed the activities JMAS is doing today.

JMAS is a Japanese NGO established in 2002 and has contributed to the removal of ERW and landmines in Cambodia, Laos, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Angola and the Federated States of Micronesia other than Palau.

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