Johnson Toribiong, former presidential candidate says he is not running as a write in for senate but wouldn’t mind if vote him in as a write in candidate. It would be the choice of the people, he said.
Former presidential candidate dropped out after the primary election in September, after coming in third place with 1,145 votes.
People have expressed support for him including his family and friends, endorsing him as write in candidate for senate.
“I have not spent any money in campaigning as a write in, but I am also a servant to the people and our community, If I am chosen as a winning candidate then I wouldn’t mind because I am a servant to the people,” stated Toribiong.
When asked if he would take the position in the senate if he wins, he said he would love to do it, saying he has had a lot of experience being a senator and an ambassador and can maybe help those coming into the new government.
“I am 74 years old, I feel great! I have a lot of experience, I am still a working attorney, I will let the people decide” he says.
It has been done before where a write in candidate has won by a majority, which was Surangel Whipps Jr. in 2009 when he won a senate seat by 3,000 plus votes.
All write in candidates don’t have to declare to be a candidate and any person can be written in as a candidate.
Number of people have recently expressed desire to run as write-in candidates in the upcoming 2020 general election. For the Peliliu State delegate seat, Leory Ngiramouai has declared as write in candidate. For Senate, upcoming young man Blodak Quichocho is running for Senate seat as write in candidate as well.
Office of the election Commission issued a statement clarifying the process for write-in votes. In the statement, it says a voter may vote for write in by blackening the oval next to the word “write-in” and then print clearly the name of the person next to it. A person may write up to 13 names, for example, on the senate ballot as long as the oval next to write in is blackened to indicate write-in candidate.

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  1. Alsekum eak metitur el meluches ra ngklel a ad el mora write-in, ng sebechek el ask ra tara ad meng luchesii ra elsel a ballot?

    1. No you cannot. You are the only person allowed in the voting booth when you go vote.

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